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Where did you buy your protective gear?
I'm looking for somewhere to buy some personal protective gear. 
Amazon has huge delays, still waiting on an order from Mid March that hasn't arrived. 
Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Smile

They are out of Mississauga, Ontario.

Also try

Unfortunately it’s super expensive and in the thick of COVID all supplies were out of stock. However, I believe the stock has been restocked.

Not sure where you live, but if there is a medical supply store, ie medigas, they may be able to order for you and you pay them.

Good luck!
Hello @Sheemara,

Thanks for the reply.

I ordered a bunch from AliExpress a few months back and ended up recieiving them much quicker than expected.

The order on Amazon was likley a scam as the link was not valid anymore when I returned to look into it.

Stay Safe!

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