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Why Declaring your Income is Beneficial
Caregivers that have a registered business or declared income were the ones who were protected here in Canada . Our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau very swiftly provided Canadians with financial support through a program called CERB The Canadian Response Benefit. $2000/month for 16 weeks, and yesterday he announced that he is extending it by 8 more weeks which will carry us through to the beginning of September 2020. Part of me feels so bad for the caregivers who were not declaring their income, but at the same time part of me does not. Taxes are a huge cut out of your income, but it is times like this that protect us as caregivers. Honestly I feel a feature benefit to becoming a caregiver for seniors should allow us to be exempt from paying tax like Registered Nurses are.(at least this is the case in Quebec)
Danielle Foley

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